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Vivian Perrelli is a native New Yorker, who owned and managed a successful construction company for 7 years prior to entering the real estate world. In her construction business, she was actively involved in negotiating contracts, purchasing material, and finalizing sales. Vivian also used these skills to build her own house, supervising the project from the digging of the foundation, to the putting of the final touches on the Jacuzzi in the marble-tiled bathroom! This early expertise in selling, purchasing, and especially in negotiating has put her in a unique position for assessing the quality and completing the sales of the homes and apartments in New York City. After successfully selling her company in 1994, Vivian joined Manhattan Apartments, Inc., first working in the rental department, and joining the sales department in 2001. In 2008 she joined the Valeo Realty Group where she is presently Sales Director of the company. Having lived in Manhattan during all of her career as a salesperson, she has developed an intimate knowledge of the quality and value of properties in all parts of the city; and her earlier experience in construction gives her an edge in evaluating Manhattan’s properties in terms of deciding which are a good deal, as well as those that are not worth the money. Additionally, her eye for seeing creative solutions for modifying the layout of apartments can be especially useful in assisting buyers in making essential choices during the transaction. Based on her earlier experience in negotiating building contracts, Vivian has become an extremely effective negotiator in the Sales industry, and works effectively behind the scenes to get both her buyers and sellers the best deal possible. She has the knowledge and experience to lead them through all the twists and turns that inevitably occur in the closing of a project. And, with her expertise, she can take her buyers’ requirements and help them evaluate all the parts of the deal, including the pros and cons of owning a condo, a co-op, or a cond-op. Always very enthusiastic, hard working, and extremely tenacious in her endeavors to satisfy her customers’ and clients’ needs, Vivian will work with you closely from start to finish. You will find her to be a loyal advocate on your behalf and that your time is not wasted as Vivian is one of the best brokers in New York city and works in the most efficient way possible, keeping negotiations on track and smoothing out the inevitable bumps in the road.

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